Private Lessons:

Our Signature Offering

Imagine a yoga class designed just for you - customized for your fitness level, previous yoga experience, and desired outcomes. Personalized service that's part of your overall wellness journey!


Whether you're looking for stress relief, a gentle reintroduction to movement after an injury or prolonged illness, or want to move your practice to a higher level, we can help.

Who takes private yoga lessons? Maybe you!
Many students are completely fulfilled taking group yoga classes. However, there are many who opt for private yoga lessons instead of or in addition to group classes. Here are some reasons that my current students opt for private lessons:
  • Age: I work with some students who are 70+ years old. The oldest is 95 and still going strong! They opted for private lessons because group classes move too quickly and do not offer the individual attention they need.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety about attending group yoga classes can stem from body image (I'm too fat ... too skinny ... not flexible), fear of the unknown ("What if I'm the only one who can't ...") or fear of judgement ("I don't want anyone looking at me while I practice").
  • Injury: I work with students who are recovering from injury or surgery and need a program designed around their limitations, whether temporary or chronic.
  • Schedule: Busy executives and those who work irregular hours may want lessons at times when group classes are not typically offered.
  • Beginners: Students who have never attended a yoga class may want to build a solid foundation before jumping in to group classes.
  • Advanced Students: Students with more experience may seek specific guidance on how to advance their practice.
  • Curiosity: After a group class, students often have questions that cannot be answered quickly. These questions range from why they find certain poses challenging or inaccessible to a desire to explore a pose more deeply than is offered in the group setting.
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