Getting Started with Private Lessons
The first question most people have is, "How do we get started?"
  • Phone Consultation (15-20 minutes): During this free consultation we will share information, including your reasons for wanting private yoga lessons, how I work with clients, and the financial investment. At the end of the call we will schedule your Initial Intake Session.
  • Initial Intake Session (90 minutes): During our first in-person session, we spend 30-45 minutes talking about your health history, your activity level, your lifestyle, and your reasons for choosing private yoga lessons. The remaining time is spent moving through a basic practice at a level that's customized for you.
  • Continuing Sessions (60 minutes): You decide how frequently we will work together - once, twice or three times a week or maybe every other week or once a month. The choice is yours.
Scheduling & Payment

Contact us for more information

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